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SpMGame (shortened: SpM, Sportsmanager) is a free to play browser game, which includes all challenges of managing a football and can be played without any download. Since 2003, thousands of hobby managers have become crazy about this game and its special features, for example the daily interactive live games which take 90 minutes like a match! Choose your tactic and replace players, or try to defend your goal from your opponents attacks in the LIVE-Ticker. SPMGame is available in German and English. The kick-off for the live matches in the international countries is balanced with their time zones. Create your free account today and choose between 12 different countries! If you have any questions, just visit our board for 24/7 – support! Sporty regards, SpMGame | www.spmgame.com

How do you like SPMGame?

Experiences by Harry
I like SPMGame very much, cause this game is so much fun and I like the competition with other guys from all over the world. I’m playing for 2 years now and it’s still exciting to watch the live matches and how I can influence my teams success. When i was in Norway for some months, i could still play - great!
Would you recommend SpMGame? Yes.
Experiences by Erkan
The best thing about SpM ist he great community, ingame and in the board. As a new player, you get so much support there! There are also give-aways, and you can trade with other managers, buy players and stuff for your team. And sometimes, smalltalk with other managers about all the world and his wife can be fun, too!
Would you recommend SpMGame? Yes.
Experiences by Markus
Before i started playing SPMGame, i played some other online football managers. But all the other games had so much restrictions, and SPMGame offers so many possibilities for new managers to build their own dream team. You have to look for your money, but the managing aspect is however the most important, as you can see in the LIVE-Ticker feature.
Would you recommend SpMGame? Yes.
Experiences by Micha
You like football? So you have to like SPMGame! This game has so many different features. There are of course league matches, but also friendly and cup games! You can upgrade your stadium with over 25 extensions, start working on your youth developement with an training camp or try to improve your team on the transfer market. SPMGame gets never boring because the game is influenced by different aspects like strength of your players, line-up, weather, referee and so one. Join SPMGame and work like a real manager – trust me, it’s great!
Would you recommend SpMGame? Yes.

Experiences with SpMGame:  Sterne  9,8/10 (458 Stimmen)

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